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Getting your RSVPs sorted can be quite a headache. You might be wondering when to send them out, or whether to have a physical card or to just add email address to your invitation? You don't know when on earth you should you ask for them back, and what information you should add to them? Rest assured it doesn't need to be stressful! Here's my top tips for RSVPs.

When to send an RSVP to your guests?

You want to send your RSVPs with your wedding invitations, but most importantly not too early, or too late. Aim to send your wedding invitation between 5-8 months before your wedding day. Feel free to contact me for more information about when to send your invitations out.

Should I have a physical RSVP card or a paragraph on my invitation detailing the RSVP?

Either option works well but if you need a number of different answers back from your guests I always think it's better to have a physical card where your guests can write their answers down so that nothing is left out. The more you have to chase your guests for information the more admin it will end up creating for you.

What should the return date be for my RSVPs?

The reply date on your RSVPs should be between 1 and 2 months after you send them out, but no longer. The longer the time between sending them to your guests and the return date the more likely your guests will put the RSVP down and forget about it.

Make it easy for your guests

The easier it is for your guests to reply the sooner they will. Handing them a piece of paper that they simply need to tick and sign is easy-peasy. Add a stamp and you're another step closer!

What to include?

You need to include everything you need to know from your guests. The most obvious things are if they can attend or not, their dietary requirements and space for their names, but you might also need to include if they want to hop on your wedding bus and how many seats they will need, or which menu choice they will go for. If they will be joining you for brunch the following day or even what beat will get them on their feet.

Extras to think about

I always encourage my couples to include another way for their guests to reply. Either an email address with their physical RSVP or a phone number because it is another way your guests can get back to you and, as mentioned above, the easier it is for them to reply the more likely they will reply on time.

Another tip is adding your reply date to your main invitation. Your guests are most likely to read that page first and have that page on display somewhere such as the fridge door, if your reply date is fairly obvious they are more likely to remember.

Hopefully I've answered a few of your questions in this post! As always if you have any more questions or want to chat to me about your RSVPs - or in fact your wedding stationery feel free to get in touch.

Have a lovely week everyone!

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