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I can go from feeling motivated and determined through to deflated and low, sometimes within hours. The world around us can feel bleak at times, not only for those who's weddings have been affected but also the suppliers who are working with them. I haven't posted on my blog for a while for exactly the above reason, but I thought that today would be a good time amend that.

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Like the rest of the country my kids went back to school in September, but after the a mere week we were off for the 14 days, having not been able to get a test. It was the typical, start of term cold, and hand-in-hand cough too, but it meant homeschooling, playing Frozen too many times to keep sane, housewifing, and trying to catch-up over the weekends, which was been pretty tiring - particularly as it seemed I'd got used to not doing that for a while!

Then, as things started to get back to normal - the kids were back, the house was quiet and somewhat tidier, and I was starting to get on top, the 26 September came and the Government announced the tightening of the restrictions on wedding numbers, and for the next 6 months too. Gulp! We all sat in silence as we took in the very real news that not only the entire country was grippling with a rising Corona virus cases, which will affect us all, but wedding plans that had been made and carefully chosen, would have to change in some shape or form.

Since then there's been so much sadness around, a lot of anxiety and I very much feel the worry I know so many of you must be feeling now, many of you who have waited in the hope that things will have improved by now and others unsure as to whether your once very safe date will now be affected. Others still who have decided to go ahead but know that so many of your love ones cannot be there. You may be facing a postponement, or a second, third or even forth. Or maybe it's complete confusion as to what to do. ⁠

Before I go on any further however, I just want to tell you that it will be okay. Seriously! I now, I know, easily said, but let's take a breath, and another one, and another before we go on.

The entire country (the entire world in fact!) is going through this, you aren't the only couple, you won't be the last. It is unfair, disappointing and hard sometimes to know what to do but but when you're in love, love always wins.

Wedding suppliers throughout the country are trying our hardest to stay positive, myself included, but we need you to help us and we really hope you can! We need you to talk to us, to tell us where you're at, what you're feeling about your wedding. Please be honest and open, because we want to help you. ⁠We also need you to stay online, keep liking and sharing our posts, keep getting inspired and exited about the day you'll have, keep planning and keep supporting small independents, like myself.

I've found that the best moto for me, and hopefully for you too, is to not look back and compare, because we may well be like this for a while. We all need to try hard to accept the changes and to embrace them. You are still going to be marrying the love of your life, no matter when your wedding is or who's at your wedding.

We are in surreal times here and you may not understand others peoples' decisions about their big day, but that's what makes us all different so let's respect each other and concentrate on getting though this. ⁠

I will be trying to work as normal throughout these next 6 months. Stationery meeting are still being held, via Zoom, and I can still send samples in the post. I'm taking bookings for November onwards for wedding stationery, cartoon portraits, personal commissions such as watercolour paintings or cards, and branding for business', so if you're wondering how to support a small independent, like myself, please do get in touch.

If you haven't yet decided whether to go ahead with your stationery please be aware that due to the number of postponed weddings, 2021 is looking to be a very busy year. Do get in touch to chat through the options as I will have less availability than normal next year. 

Lots of love everyone xxxx.⁠

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