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I realise that you must have lots of questions about your wedding stationery so I hope the below questions and answers are helpful. Just shout if there's anything else I can do to help.


I'm sure what I want to have on my stationery, can you help?
Yes, of course. The best thing to do is to get yourself a pen and paper and decide what you definitely want from your wedding stationery but also what you definitely don't want. Then, go onto Pinterest and pin away under these two categories. From here you will see a pattern emerging. Also - remember you don't need an exact colour theme, sometimes just knowing that you would prefer darker colours over lighter colours or brighter colours instead of pastels is perfect. 

I don't know how to word my invitations, can you help?

Yes, I am very happy to help you write the text needed for your invitations and other stationery. I have a wording guide you and your fiancé can look at that has both formal and informal examples of text that can be written in your wedding invitations. 

What is the process for designing wedding invitations? 

First we sit down with a nice drink and have a good natter about what it is you're after, I help you with any questions you might have and advise you where needed. I'll then work out how much it will cost and send you a quote. Once you've paid your deposit (which is 50% of your quote) you're all booked in, happy days! I organise the information, progress and all proofs for your wedding stationery through Trello. Trello is an online organisation app and it means that everything can be viewed on the same screen at the same time, you can see what you need to do and where we're at in the process. I'll make up a Trello board for you that will have everything you need on it. You will need to sign up for an account to access it but it's all free and very easy to use.

How long does it take to design a wedding invitation?
Wedding Invitations normally take around 2 months to completely design, print and deliver, however I have delivered some within a couple of weeks. Get in touch for more info. I do get very busy so it always better to get me booked in early rather than hearing I'm fully booked! 

I'm not from the UK, can I still have my wedding stationery designed by you? 

Yes, of course! I have designed stationery for couples all over the country as well as aboard. We can always Skype, ring and chat through email. All proofs are sent by PDF.


Can I get a printed proof? 

Yes, however that printed proofs are on request only and should be requested at the quote stage. 


I'm not sure about quantities, can I still get a quote?

Yes, of course. If you know a rough number I can then send you a quote for that and we can amend the quote once you have confirmed numbers later in the process. 


How is the quote worked out? 

For invitations quotes are based on a bespoke design rate, plus the number of pages needed. This is then added to a printing quote, an envelope quote and a delivery quote. More info on prices here.


What about my personal data?

If you would like to know more about how we use the data you give us please visit our Privacy Policy page. 

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