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Fierce, Natural - Strong and Free

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

A new logo for Ryan Goold.. where I start ?! And yet when he came to me with his idea, it all made sense... er, phew!

Ryan Goold Photography, AKA Ryan, and I have known each other for a while. We met at a wedding fair in Bath way back when we both first started our businesses. We ended up chatting to each other a lot, and we got on well. He's a jolly kind of guy. Fun, down to earth, and laughs all the time (which makes you feel like you have a cracking sense of humour!). Since then we've kept in touch. I designed him and his wife's wedding invitations and he's taken lots of snaps of me and my stationery but, getting back to the point of this blog post, last summer he came to me wanting me to design him a new logo for his business. Despite me not taking on much brand work, it was something very different and I was ready for new challenge. Also, it was Ryan and he's hard to say no to! He's just a really nice guy!

Ryan wanted something more in keeping with his style, which is eco, natural and timeless . We chatted though lots of design ideas, and nearly went down a very different route. However, having something that looked natural and organic yet strong and free was always at the forefront of his ideas. Together we came up with this, his new logo design.

I made him three versions: a plain black outline, (as below), a black outline on watercolour (as above) and a white outline on watercolour. This meant he had the freedom to use the designs to compliment the tones of his photographs.

Here's some of the initial sketches:

A very early draft:

I had a little play with the making tall, messy triangles and with different blue/grey tones:

Here are some of Ryan's amazing photographs (which will now make mine look rubbish, haha!), along with the new logo in action. Aren't the wooden boxes amazing:

He's a bit good isn't he!


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