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Lego and Lightsabers

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Introducing Katie and Lee

If you are looking for how to add a touch of fun to your wedding day then look no further. Look at these two! This is Katie and Lee on their wedding day back in May this year. Cheesy big smiles and rightfully so! I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos of their special day with you because they are a ridiculously lovely pair and they had such a fun wedding day. Looking at their wedding photos you can also see why the stationery I designed went so well with the theme of their big day. So, why Lego and Lightsabers? Every invite I design has a story, find out more about Katie and Lee’s story here.


'Lee and I both worked as hospitality assistants at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, and this is where we met. We were friends for a good year before we started 'dating' and it took a lot of persuasion from Lee for me to agree to go on a date with him.

He wasn't my usual 'type' with his baggy jeans, band T-shirts, sweatbands and plastic bracelets up his arms (the yellow pick-up truck also didn't do him any favours!) but his resilience struck a cord with me and I haven't looked back since.

Thankfully, his fashion sense remained in the past! He proposed after 4 years together, on our anniversary - 18th September 2016. He did it late at night, after we had both returned from a night out with friends, and proposed in bed whilst we sat there drinking cups of tea. It was very sweet!'


'We would describe our wedding as a 'classy family affair with a quirky twist'. We wanted some traditional elements (the white dress, morning suits, cake, 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' as I walked down the aisle) but also elements of our day to be a true reflection of us. That's why we had a 'Lego' theme, a barbershop chorus and a folk band called 'The Brwmys' for the evening.'


'We fell in love with Caerllan from the moment we first visited. We hadn't seen any other venues as it ticked all the boxes. It was important to Lee and I that the wedding took place in Wales (as we are both Welsh) and it wasn't too far from both sets of parents. I had always envisaged my wedding as being like 'Gosford Park'.

The guests arrive, a party happens, they leave the following day. A moment in time. A marker in our lives. This is exactly the kind of day that Caerllan gave us. You aren't expected to do anything from the moment your day begins. Vicky and Jake make sure that their beautiful house is yours for the whole time that you are there.'


Katie really wanted to use local wedding suppliers and to find someone who could fit within their budget but create something different, including Lego and Welsh emblems​, which is what drew them to me. To fit their budget I created them a digital motif, which they then used throughout their stationery, from invites to table plan.

'The lego bricks were to hint at our wedding theme. Lee has been a collector of Lego for many years, and I also liked the idea of a theme to tie all the bits and pieces together. I have seen so many wedding pictures where the groom doesn't seem to be present in anything of the choice of decor/theme. The Welsh emblems because we are both passionately Welsh (and I am Welsh speaker). The wild flowers because my flowers at the wedding were wild and I wanted the motif to be a true reflection of the day. Also, we both love colour, colour and more colour!

'We used the motif on the majority of our stationery, including the invitations, a sign outside the venue, table stands and place names. The guests loved receiving our invites through the post because the motif really represented both Lee and I. They said that they looked far more personalised than other invites they had seen before.'


I asked Katie and Lee to give me their top tips for other couples who are planning a wedding. Here's what they said:

1. Set a budget and stick to it! It's amazing what you can find and most suppliers will work with you to create something beautiful. Remember it works in their favour too!

2. Secure the venue early. Once the venue is sorted, the date confirmed, everything else can be planned really easily.

3. Shop around. My dress was bespoke which meant that I had exactly what I wanted and it didn't cost as much as buying a dress off the peg. Also, look at tip no.1 in this instance also.

4. Ask people what they did. It's amazing what suggestions, ideas and suppliers people recommend. We found our photographer through a friend and they were excellent.

5. Controversial Tip - This is a matter of opinion, but I would say, look at wedding magazines for inspiration then throw them away and decide what you want. I have been to so many weddings that look like a copy of what is 'fashionable'. The best weddings are the ones that show the couple's personality.

6. Finally, your day will fly, so make sure to take just 10 minutes for yourself and your new spouse. Have a moment to absorb the atmosphere because it disappears in a flash.


Dress (Inc. Bride, bridesmaid, MOB) // Alexandra King

Suits // Moss Bros

Photographer // Michael & Sarah at Simply Timeless:

Cake // Katie's Mum's best friend, Shirley. 

Music/band // The Brwmys

Flowers // Hilary's florist

Bride Shoes // Irregular Choice


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