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Sexy, Sassy Tropics

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Once in a while I get approached to be part of a photo shoot, one that gets me really excited, inspired and eager to get started! This, hot, tropical, sexy one, did just that!

How It All Came About

It all started when I recieved a phone call from the lovely Lauren of Lauren Alexander Weddings. After lots of chat (we do love a good natter!) about her and fellow co-ordinator, Jordan's (Jasper and Quinn) ideas, my answer was clear: 'YES! Of course! I'd love to be involved!' Lauren and Jordan wanted something original, big, bright and bold. Colourful and fun yet fierce and strong. There was a small time frame to get it all finished so I just knew I needed to get my ideas organised and get cracking.

First on the agenda was tropical flowers. There are so many to choose from but thankfully Jordan sent over a selection she was thinking of using and I got to work. Second, the cocktails: Pina Colada, Margarita, Espresso Martini and Long Island Iced Tea. YUM! Obviously it would have been lovely to have had all four in front of me to paint from, but that might have resulted in a set of very wobbly paintings, nic! Instead I decided that once the paintings were finalised I'd just go out and try them all. As many of you know, I'm a Mummy of 2 little ones, so this was something to really look forward to!

Additional Stationery

Lauren and Jordan were also keen to have a welcome sign. I wanted this to be a little different than normal so I decided to get my design printed onto fabric, linen to be precise, which seemed appropriate for a jungle themed shoot. Having never printed onto linen I was really pleased with the results: The print was bold, the definition perfect and I love the lightness of the fabric and well as the graininess that comes with printing onto linen. Lynne, of Rustic Rentals, managed to find a brilliant wicker screen that worked perfectly with it, and it all started to flow seamlessly into place.

Anyway, less of my rambling, more of the finished results! But, before I leave you to stalk the photos I have to give another big hats off to the photographer, When Charlie met Hannah, who I'm sure you'll agree, managed to pull the boat out with these gorgeous snaps.

Hats Off To



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