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5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Stationery Unique

Photo credit: Gem Hicks Photography, Stationery credit: From Sally with Love, Florals: The Floral Potager

For many of us your invitation or save the date is the first thing your guests will see about your wedding so it’s important that you give your guests the right impression. Adding unique elements to your designs can really help to link your stationery back to your wedding style or theme, but how do you do this? Here’s 5 ways to make your stationery design unique.

1. Bespoke

This is the most obvious way of making your stationery uniquely yours, and gives you the most personalisation. Have a think about the style of the wedding you and your fiancé will be having, the atmosphere you want to create as well as if you would like unique things about you and your partner incorporated into the design. It might be that your dogs are such a big part of your life that you would like them added in your save the dates, or perhaps you and your fiancé are farmers and just have to have your tractors, cattle and horses within your invitations. There's so many roads you could go down with bespoke designs, which can sometimes feel overwhelming so I organise stationery meetings to help couples see what options there are and what might work best for them. If you would like to organise a stationery meeting I'd love to hear from you.

Stationery credit: From Sally with Love

Stationery credit: From Sally with Love

I design lots of bespoke wedding invitations and on the day stationery, to see more photos check out my bespoke designs here or my Instagram page for the latest designs.

Stationery credit: From Sally with Love

2. Semi-bespoke designs

If your budget is small don’t let this put you off. Choose from one of my house designs and add details to make this unique for your wedding. This could include touching up the colours to work with your colour palette or adding illustrations to make it work better with the theme or style of your wedding. Here's my Botanical Watercolour design with added bees and apples:

Photo credit: James Markham Photography, Stationery credit: From Sally with Love

Or my Simple Suite with an envelope liner showing a couple's dog.

The Simple suite within the budget range. Stationery credit: From Sally with Love

3. Wording

It is completely fine to change or tweak the wording of your stationery to make it work better for your wedding; you most definitely do not need to sound formal on your invitations if you aren’t having a formal wedding! In stationery meeting I chat with couples about this and supply a range of wording suitable for the kind of day they are hoping to have. I also sell a wording guide, which couples can download. Contact me for further info.

Stationery credit: From Sally with Love

4. Envelopes and liners

It’s so nice to receive letters in the post but it’s even more exciting when they have a pretty envelope and liner to match what’s inside them! Fun and pretty, envelopes and liners are available for all my budget designs as well as for bespoke options, and are a wonderful way of making your stationery pop. You could opt for something bright and colourful, or soft and subtle; just make sure it works with what’s inside.

Stationery credit: From Sally with Love

5. Wax seals

Wax seals have been around for a while now but their popularity don’t seem to be fading. They are romanic and beautiful, and available in a range of colours to match your stationery. They can have imprints of the same flowers you will be having in your bouquet or even have little petals sealed within the wax, as shown in the photo below, which has wild flowers. They can seal your invitation or save the date envelope but they can also be a part of your on the day stationery design - gluing your place name to your menu like in this photo.

Photography Credit: Emma Rolfe Photography. Stationery credit: From Sally with Love

If you’re looking to make your stationery unique and would like to chat further about what might work best for you and your wedding then give me a call or send a message. I love helping couples find something that really works for them and their wedding day.

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